2 de maio de 2007



Lacan’s nightingale - Jacques-Alain Miller: In this important work, Jacques-Alain Miller offers an insightful, lyrical and persuasive argument for a mode of psychoanalytic practice that emphasizes the contingent and the singular. Terms like contingency and singularity are perhaps common place in our post-modern social experience. However, in this intellectual tour de force, Miller gives depth and range to such concepts. .... more.

What treatment for contemporary civilization? - Jean-Pierre Klotz - What treatment for contemporary civilization?" is the question the author answers in this paper that brings up the psychoanalytical point of view. He tries to demonstrate that because of the word “treatment”, psychoanalysts might be invited not only to give their opinion, but also to intervene... more.

Transference: private practice, institutional practice - Juan Felipe ArangoThe present realities of transference and psychoanalysis are examined in light of a visionary text by Lacan: Psychoanalysis and Medicine. The void left open by the incorporation of medicine in contemporary sciences displaces the physician and his position as subject-supposed-to-know.... more.

The case of J - Alicia Hadida - HassanThe analytic work with children starts with the imaginary signifiers found in their legends to the re-organization of a symbolic field where she finds an identity for herself in the Other. From "alone-miserable" the jouissance found in the family's discourse to "gifted-girl" at school .... more.

The queen of Petra - Dinorah OteroThis clinical case explores the subjective constitution of a girl diagnosed with autism and mental retardation throughout the trajectory of the cure. Joanna entered treatment because of frequent fits of agitation. Her clinical records resembled a catalogue of body dysfunction and deficits. The impact of the treatment had its effects. Joanna made up the story of the Queen of Petra, which might be thought of as her invention... more.

It’s a family affair: A case of bulimia nervosa - Yael Baldwin + Discussion of CaseThis case presentation discusses how Yael Baldwin worked analytically within an eating disorders treatment team setting with a woman suffering from bulimia. The case explores how one can work at the level of speech and desire even when the therapeutic setting tends toward working at the level of demand.... more.

De-stigmatizing psychoanalysis - Noemi KohanA short vignette of only eight weeks of treatment shows how certain interventions can produce rectification in a subject, whose identification with his father and the signifier “depressed” appears to stunt all possibilities of change. It also contradicts popular believe that psychoanalysis ... more.

Why is the Devil chasing me? - Tracy FavreIn the author's practice in institution, Johnny is her only patient that addressed a demand of treatment. In this paper she tries to answer some crucial questions about that treatment such as: "what is in play?" and "after 10 months of treatments and putting in place the setting, how to orient the direction of the cure".... more.

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