27 de setembro de 2007

The London Society of the New Lacanian School

Dear Colleagues,

The London Society presents its new Seminar for the year 2007/8:


Seminar of the London Society of the NLS

24th November

Richard Klein: Object a and separation

Noga Wine: Object a, conceptualisation of the lack

15th December

Ian Parker: In Visible Signifiers

Veronique Voruz: Object a and the desire of the analyst

12th January

Alan Rowan: The object body: trauma and psychosomatics

Julia Evans: Object a and self-mutilation

9th February

Penny Georgiou: Object a, the body and knowledge

Roger Litten: The calculability of object a in contemporary discourses of risk

29th March

Vincent Dachy: Do you hear the voice in my head?

Rik Loose: The function of the object a within contemporary symptoms and in relation to the body-event.

10th May

Natalie Wulfing: Object a and the impossible to say in analysis

Adrian Price: Habeas corpus and its Haberdashery

VENUE: ULU, Malet ST. London WC1 – The Bloomsbury Suite, 2nd Floor

TIME: Saturday 2pm – 5pm


In the attachments you will find the programme together with an abstract and a Reading List. Further questions can be directed to the Seminar organisers


Kind Regards

Natalie Wulfing

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