30 de maio de 2008

[Lacanian-Orientation-US] June 6: J-P Klotz on American television

I am pleased to invite you to a unique event at the Bemis Center in Omaha, for a talk on what we can learn about our psyche and society today through television. Frenchpsychoanalyst Jean-Pierre Klotz will be presenting on the "New Objects as Viewed Through the Tube" (further details in the Press Release below).
As the Bemis Center described our recent Panel Discussion on Melancholy and Creativity, "only at the Bemis Center will you find such a diverse group of thinkers and seekers, of Omahas own vanguard of artists, clinicians, educators, researchers, writers, poets and musicians." Please join us for this next event, at this exciting moment of development of a new vanguard in the exploration of the psyche today.
This event is a prelude to the Clinical Study Days of the World Association of Psychoanalysis, to be held in Omaha, June 7-8, 2008. Further information on that is available at
Thomas Svolos

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