12 de setembro de 2008

[Lacanian-Orientation-US] Florida: Reading of Lacan's Seminar II


Reading of Lacan�s Seminar II (in english)
Coordinate: Alicia Arenas and Liliana Kruszel

The reading of the Seminar Book II, "The Ego in Freud's Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis", will be an introduction to the teachings of J.Lacan.

His Seminar will be an entryway to a critique of what he denounced almost fifty year ago and continues to be true today: "The subject is not one unit of independent and autonomous self, but a 'decentred' one, a divided subject'.

The reading of this seminar by Dr Jaques Lacan, will give us an opportunity to look into the ways that he expanded, illuminated further, on the original concepts of psychoanalysis.

Even though his style takes the form of a very intellectuall discourse, utilizing many different disciplines to explain human nature, taking concepts from Philosophy, Mathematics, Anthropology, etc. one can always deduce form it, the invaluable consequences in the clinical work with patients.

Lacan orients us in our clinical work so we don't get lost when confronted with a patient in our solitary endeavor, our solitary act as clinicians.

Time to be agreed with participants.

Mondays, twice a month.
4343 West Flagler St, Suite 352

Miami, FL 33134

(305) 461-0999

*Seminar in english.

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