17 de novembro de 2008

London Society Seminar: 29 Nov 08 ULU 2pm‏

The London Society
of the New Lacanian School
Seminar of the London Society of the NLS
29th November

Dear Colleagues,

The LS Seminar on Lacanian Interpretation continues on the 29th November in ULU at 2pm in room 2A.
Speakers are:
Philip Dravers, “From Interpretation to Transference” Seminar XI
Roger Litten, “What is Lacanian Interpretation?”

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind Regards

Natalie Wulfing

The remainder of the LS seminar series is as follows, including the annual Knottings seminar of the NLS on the 7th February.

Heather Chamberlain: TBC
Veronique Voruz: TBC

Knottings Seminar:
Anne Lysy
Agnieszka Kurek;
Richard Klein,
Chair, Veronique Voruz
Reporter: Philip Dravers

Natalie Wulfing: “Post interpretation”
Adrian Price: “On Lacan's Remarks on Interpretation and Chinese Poetry in Seminar XXIV”

Julia Evans: “Interpretation and the Knowledge of the Analyst”
Penny Georgiou: “Orientation and Interpretation”

Richard Klein: TBC
Vincent Dachy: "Allusion, Actualisation and Off-cuts."

Lacanian Interpretation: How come I suffer the way I do?

There is a question of this kind at the beginning of an analysis. How do we hear such a question? How do we interpret such a request? Can we, should we answer it? Perhaps, the psychoanalyst is an expert after all and has got all the answers!? Ready-made answers for average individuals? Well, if the psychoanalyst knows something it must be that there is an incommensurability between the average normality and the singularity of a so-called individual. So, the psychoanalyst does not resort to a Big Book where all the answers are already written but will invite the analysand to open his/her own book! And they’ll start reading. It’s called interpreting. But what could interpreting be if it is not telling someone what something means? That is precisely what the NLS Seminar will tackle next year. We have to face the fact that interpretation in psychoanalysis is not the same as what it is in philosophy, religion or therapy. To face that fact and to account for it! During seven seminars we will address fundamental aspects of the practice of Lacanian analysis, which make it different from any other talking cure. What do we listen to? Who knows what’s important? Who decides what means something, and what something means? What is the authority in psychoanalysis? What do we hope for, expect from meaning? Is there something beyond or after meaning - if anything at all? This is nothing short of questioning the causality by which Lacanian psychoanalysis abides.


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