27 de maio de 2009

[Lacanian-Orientation-US] VOLUME #5 of (Re-)Turn

Volume no, 5 of (Re-)Turn: A Journal of Lacanian Studies will come out this summer.
Volume no. 5 is on "Lacan and Theories of Knowledge"
contents include
Jacques Alain Miller "Science and Responses of the Real"
Thomas Svolos "American Psychiatry in Contemporary Times"
Philippe Lasaga "Cognitivism and Controversies over the 'Mental'"
Ruth Ronen "What is a Woman and What is Feminine Jouissance in Lacan?"
Ellie Ragland "The Discourse of Science, the Imaginary Axis, and a Concept of the Differential Seen from the Perspective of Lacan’s Topological Logic"
Eric Laurent "The Usages of the Neurosciences in Psychoanalyis"
Anaelle Lebowitz "It Will Be Reborn from the Ashes"
The cost for individual membership is $16.00 and for institutions, it is $30.00. Subscribers from countries outside the USA or Canada should add $5.00 for postage and handling.
Further information on the journal (including subscription instruction) is available on their website: http://return.jls.missouri.edu/Lacan/

Edited by Ellie Ragland and Evelyn Moore in consultation with Jacques-Alain Miller, (Re)-turn: A Journal of Lacanian Studies explores the theories of French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan, within the context of a variety of fields, including clinical psychoanalysis, philosophy, critical studies, theatre, politics, music, visual arts, mass media, communications, religion, and literature.
The name of the journal—(Re)-turn: Journal of Lacanian Studies—signifies a number of things, Lacan’s return to Freud, the transformations in Lacan’s own work, as well as the return to the first American Lacanian journal, Newsletter of the Freudian Field (1987-1994). For Lacan, return has been a particularly important term, a psychoanalytic concept based on the premise that every juncture, every point of understanding or knowledge, is not only present in conscious life, but is represented precisely as a return where the conscious intersects with the unconscious. This is the place around which Lacanian studies must revolve.

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