19 de agosto de 2009

Slavoj Zizek on The Palestinian Question

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Slavoj Zizek
The Palestinian Question - part 1
Ideological Mystification - the couple Symptom / Fetish

There are two different modes of ideological mystification which should in no way be confused: the liberal-democratic one and the Fascist one. The first one concerns false universality: the subject advocates freedom/equality, not being aware of implicit qualifications which, in their very form, constrain its scope (privileging certain social strata: rich, male, belonging to a certain race or culture). The second one concerns the false identification of the antagonism and the enemy: class struggle is displaced onto the struggle against the Jews, so that the popular rage at being exploited is redirected from capitalist relations as such to the "Jewish plot." […]

The Palestinian Question - part 2
Islamo-Fascism, Christo-Fascism, Zionism - mieux vaut un désastre qu'un désêtre

Let's deal now with the following proposition: is the term "Islamo-Fascism" proposed (among others) by Francis Fukuyama and Bernard Henri-Levy justified? What renders it problematic is not only the religious qualification (is one then also ready to designate our Western Fascism as "Christo-Fascism"? – Fascism in itself is enough, it needs no qualifiers), but the very designation of today's "fundamentalist" Islamic movements and states as "Fascist."  […]

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