17 de junho de 2010



An electronic list entitled PIPOL NEWS shall be created in preparation for PIPOL V, which will take place on the 2nd and 3rd July 2011. This list will act as a scientific committee. In other words, in the place of a scientific committee, we will have, for PIPOL V, a “scientific crowd”. On this list, we will publish very short texts, of 6000 characters maximum, in the 4 languages of the FEEP (French, Spanish, English and Italian). There will be no translation. Those registered on the list will be invited to translate the texts with a translation engine. These are poor translations but they allow us to have an idea of what is being said in the text. Moreover, those texts presenting a particular interest will be translated in the 4 languages of the FEEP and published on the web site of
PIPOL. PIPOL NEWS will also serve for transmitting information of all kinds regarding PIPOL V encounter. The topic for PIPOL 5 will be “Mental health, a concept in question”. The texts published in PIPOL NEWS may touch on any questions related to the following topics: “The history of Mental health”, “The DSM V to come”, “Evaluation in the field of Mental health”, “Science, scientism and psychoanalysis”, “The psychiatry of the 21st century”, “Mental health’s clinic and politic”, etc.

PIPOL NEWS will not be automatically distributed to all the members and associates of the Schools within the Freudian Field. We will proceed in three stages:
Firstly we will ask some colleagues to register on the list of PIPOL NEWS.
Secondly, in September, we shall distribute a communication through the lists of the AMP and its Schools inviting those who wish to register.
Therefore, it will be necessary to ask for registration in order to receive PIPOL NEWS.
Thirdly, each person who registers for the PIPOL encounter will be included in the electronic list as well (if they are not already registered).

If you would like to receive PIPOL NEWS beginning with its first issue in April, please send an empty email to the following address:

You will then receive a few simple instructions to complete your registration.

Gil Caroz. Director of PIPOL V

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