20 de novembro de 2010

INVITATION: Join the NLS-Messager email list

Messager 2010/2011 - 1

Join NLS-Messager

Join NLS-Messager
NLS-Messager disseminates information relating to the activities of the New Lacanian School and its Societies and Groups. All messages are sent in both English and French, the two languages of the NLS. In anticipation of the annual NLS-Congress, 2011 in London, this information list will be the place where news about the numerous events in preparation of the congress, as well as practical announcements are disseminated first.
NLS-Messager is now open to the public.
Anyone who wishes to join this emailing list please go to the NLS website www.amp-nls.org where you will find "Join NLS-Messager" on the menu on the left. Fill in the short form and send. Done.
You may view the archive of NLS-Messager on the website in 'News'

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