31 de outubro de 2012


Dear Colleagues and Friends of the PULSE,
Due to the painful conditions that our colleagues and Friends in New York have to go through and that they, as always, endure with courage, we have decided to cancel this session of the PULSE and to postpone it to a later and more suitable and joyful moment.

For the New Yorkers or commuters, as well as for the European participants, the days to come are going to be hectic, the airports crowded with lots of delays, and the town will probably be busy with other things than welcoming visitors.

For all these reasons, the Committee decided to CANCEL the second session of the PULSE in New York so that yourself can cancel your bookings with the hotels and find good conditions for the reimbursement of your plane tickets.

We are all very sorry to miss such a promising event, and we hope to gather together as soon as possible.  For the time being our bodies will stay at home.

Regards to everyone, 
For the Committee,
Pierre-Gilles Guéguen
Member of the WAP Committee for the USA events

PS: Tom Svolos, our friend and treasurer, will reimburse those who wish to have their money back; some others may leave it there as a deposit for next time. He will keep you posted very soon.

Many thanks to all those who had worked hard in order to build up a wonderful opportunity to meet and work together. Hoping to see many of you in Miami.

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