18 de fevereiro de 2013

641.en/ NLS Congress - Practical Information

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The Congress is being prepared at a consistent rythm: a whole team is working on it, all around the world and especially in Greece.
The Congress will be an exciting and intense moment of work and meetings; festive rendezvous with thefriendliness of the NLS, in a city with fabulous treasures, with our Greek friends.

We invite you to register from now on

The congress fee changes from March 1st. Before February 28th: 120 euros. From March 1st: 150 euros.
Please book your flights and hotel well in advance to avail of good deals; Athens is very popular in May.
This is possible given that we already have the Congress times:
Friday 17th May 16h30: Conversation of NLS members.
Saturday 18th May 9h30: Reception of delegates at the University of Athens.
Sunday 19th May 15h00 : Closing of the Congress
Thus you can see that the congress opens on Friday afternoon with a conversation reserved for NLS members:
An evening dinner is planned for Saturday for the delegates at a price of 40 euros, in a place from where the view over Athens and the Acropolis is unique! And with the possibility of getting out on the terrace if weather permits... http://www.sglycabettus.gr/dining-en.html
A list of hotels is already available on the website: http://www.amp-nls.org/page/gb/154/hotel
Two 4 stars hotels have been selected with highly competitive rates.
You will find all necessary  information on the website: http://www.amp-nls.org/page/gb/25/congress
Executive Committee of the NLS.

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