30 de junho de 2013


Four small Sunday flashes
1. But, who the hell said there were no places left to register for the Soiree of the Future? There are already 415 registrations. It's true. Therefore, we will not be all-alone. But there a still 85 places available. The caterer requires the exact number by Thursday 4th July. It is therefore possible to register up to that date, at noon. In addition, if there are places left, we will buy some extra tickets which will be sold on Saturday afternoon at the Congress reception desk. 
2. They are crazy, these Belgians. Have you read it? Five Belgian associations have rushed, one after the other, to pay part of the expenses for the Reception on Friday evening. Moreover, this reception should be baptized (yes, why not "to baptize"...?) «Folder + Champagne». «I give this much", said one. "I give a little bit more", said the other one. "I increase my contribution", responded the third one. "Please, says the fourth one a bit worried, can I still contribute to the reception?" "I was the first to say that I wanted to pay",  boasted the fifth. I tell you, they are crazy these Belgians. 
3. To date, 1302 delegates are registered for the Congress PIPOL 6. The Gold hall for the plenary sessions can accommodate 1200 people. For the audiovisual transmission we finally chose the Silver Hall. A very nice room, well decorated, very comfortable seats. This room can accommodate 300 people. So we can still accommodate 198 more delegates. There are no worries. 
4. «Our breasts are political». It's the title of La Libre Belgique ["Free Belgium"] yesterday on the front page. An interview with Margo Fruitier, 23 years-old, leader of the Belgian FEMEN. Among other things she says: "FEMEN intends to oppose a global system of thought, a system which is masculine and patriarchal and where women are more often in precarious situations than men. So, opposing the patriarchal, it can make you smile, but I think that something is actually deposited in people's minds". Indeed, there is doubtless a real there, a real articulated by Jacques-Alain Miller on the back cover of Seminar VI: "We are at the stage of leaving the father's age." If the voice of FEMEN is increasingly heard, it's that their action touches upon this real. 
 Gil Caroz
Translation: Florencia Fernandez Coria Shanahan


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