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World Association of Psychoanalysis. XI Congress The ordinary psychoses and the others Under Transference



Clinical Study Day


4 April 2018



The clinic of ordinary psychosis, based on the research proposal driven forward by Jacques-Alain Miller since 1996, has contributed to the development and clarification of the field of the psychoanalytic clinic of psychosis, as a whole. The psychoanalytic clinic is always defined by transference and the desire of the analyst.

We are increasingly confronted, in our consulting rooms, with cases of psychosis that escape the temporal logic of triggering and its possible modes of stabilization. In addition to the classic clinic of psychosis, based on discontinuity, we face a clinic based on the disengagement from the Other and the possibility of re-engaging. A clinic in which, the “disturbance that occurred at the inmost juncture of the subject’s sense of life”[i] is expressed by subtle, discrete signs, by small signs of foreclosure. If the signs in ordinary psychoses can be discrete, it is precisely because the solutions found are different ways of re-knotting that allow the subject to sustain himself.

While extraordinary psychotics are always exceptional, because they embody, in the real, what is lacking in the symbolic order, ordinary psychosis confirms Lacan’s proposition when he affirms that “being mad is no privilege”.[ii]

The cases presented in this Clinical Day should allow us to refine the psychoanalytic clinic of ordinary and extraordinary psychoses, including the field of psychoses in childhood.

It is also the opportunity to verify whether the putting into play of the analyst’s desire makes something possible that, in some cases of psychosis, goes beyond therapeutics.

We hope that the papers, based on the axes & themes proposed, highlight a point that illustrates the clinic that we will address at the XI Congress.

Manuel Fernández Blanco (mafeba@arrakis.es)
Director of the Clinical Day

Axes & Themes:

-. A disturbance at the inmost juncture of the sense of life.
-. Triggering & disengagement
-. Act and transference: interpretation in psychosis.
-. Discreet signs and the desire of the analyst.
-. Repairs of the hole of foreclosure and inventions.
-. The clinic of childhood psychosis.

Conditions and deadline for the submission of papers:

– Only papers coming from members of the WAP will be accepted.

– It is necessary to be officially registered for the Congress.

– The contributions to the Clinical Day must be clinical.

– To propose a paper, it is necessary to send the complete text, while specifying the axis/theme to which it belongs.

– The papers will be strictly limited to 7,500 characters (spaces included).

– The papers are to be sent in Word format, justifying the text to the left. The first and last name of the author should be written at the top in the first line, along with the name of the School to which he or she belongs; in the second line the title of the paper; and in the third line the theme to which it is ascribed.

– The deadline to receive the papers is 3 December 2017.
– Each proposal will be evaluated by two colleagues from a Selection Committee composed of members of all the schools of the WAP.

IMPORTANT: The rooms in which the Clinical Day will be held will not have simultaneous translation. For this reason, colleagues whose proposals have been accepted will be asked to facilitate the translation of their text into another language (which will be indicated) for projection on screen. This translation, which it is the author’s responsibility to provide, will be the condition of the final admission of the paper. It will be understood that the submission of a proposal to present a paper implies the acceptance of this condition.

The papers are to be sent to the following addresses:

[i] Lacan, J., “A Question Prior to Any Possible Treatment of Psychosis”, Écrits, London & New York, W.W. Norton, 2006, p. 466.
[ii] Lacan, J., The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XXIII: The Sinthome, Cambridge, Polity, 2016, p. 71

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