3 de julho de 2007

NLS-Messager n 377, 25|06|07


Seminars of the Executive Comittee of the NLS

In the coming year, 2007-8, five ?Knottings? seminars will be held within the NLS. These seminars are aimed at preparing for the next NLS-Congress ? The Body and its Objects in the Psychoanalytic Clinic ? that will take place in Ghent, Belgium, on the 15th and 16th of March 2008 (an argument will be distributed later).
In each seminar, three papers will be presented and discussed. One theoretical introduction from a member of the Executive committee or a representative, and two clinical papers, one presented by a member of the local group and one by the invited colleague from another group. The seminars are to be chaired by the president of the local group. A ?reporter? will be? in charge of writing a summary of the seminar and this will be distributed in one of the tools of publication of the NLS.

For the executive committee
Gil Caroz
President of the NLS

Pre-program of the Knottings Seminars 2007-2008

London Society (LS)
Date: Saturday October 27, 2007?
Chair: Penny Georgiou (LS)
Introduction: Pierre-Gilles Gueguen (EC)
Clinical cases: Lieven Jonckheere (Kring) and Heather Chamberlain (LS)
Reporter: Venique Voruz (LS)

ASREEP-NLS (Switzerland)
Date: Saturday December 1, 2007
Chair: Olivier Salamin (ASREEP-NLS)
Introduction : Gil Caroz (EC)
Clinical cases: Vlassis Skolidis (SH) and Roxane Morard-Zryd? (ASREEP-NLS)
Reporter: Frederic Pacaud (ASREEP-NLS)

Warsaw and Krakow circles (Poland)
Date : Saturday December 1, 2007
Chair: Alina Henzel (Krakow circle) and Agnieszka Kurek (Warsaw circle)
Introduction : Anne Lysy (EC)
Clinical cases: Christiane Ruffieux (ASREEP-NLS) and Malgorzata Lawniczek (Krakow circle)
Reporter: Janusz Kotara (Warsaw circle)

Soci鴩 Hell鮩que (SH)
Date: Saturday December 15, 2007
Chair: Reginald Blanchet (SH)
Introduction : Lieve Billiet (EC)
Clinical cases: Bogdan Wolf (LS) and Nassia Linardou-Blanchet (SH)
Reporter: Nafsika Papanikolaou (SH)

Kring voor psychoanalyse (Dutch speaking circle)?
Date : Saturday February 16, 2008
Chair: Lieven Jonckheere et Luc Vander Vennet (Kring)
Introduction : Daniel Roy (EC)
Clinical cases: Barbara Kowalow (Warsaw circle) and Peter Decuyper (Kring)
Reporter: Erik Mertens (Kring)

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