29 de março de 2008

DORa Project

DORa Project

Director: Jacques-Alain Miller
Coordinator: Marco Mauas
Teachers: Shlomo Lieber (coordinator of the seminar the seminar), Marco Mauas, Mabel Rosen, Avi Rybnicki, Dafna Amit Selbst, Perla Miglin, Ilana Rabin.

Dor-a Project opened the Seminar of the Freudian Field, whose guest was Pierre Naveau, with a School encounter. This time it was with Laure Naveau, and in collaboration with the memebers of the GIEP committee members Annet Feld and Orly Yacubobich

A lively encounter with Laure Naveau about the Passe took place on March 1, 2008, in the Felicia Blumenthal Music Auditorium in Tel-Aviv situated in the same surrounding as the first Tel-Aviv Municipality building.
Laure asked Mabel Rosen to choose and present some clinical points from Laure's passe testimony. Laure's speech which was translated to Hebrew by Daniela Liber, started with the characterization of the present political moment as "a moment of collective passe", proving the efficacy of an analysis brought to its conclusive end in an epoch in which the School is fighting against a tendency of evaluation from the State, particularly in France. Based on her analyst response saying "you are very determined", Laure elaborated a trajectory from the weight of being determined and crushed under the signifiers of the Other including the familial history to the determination that transforms the Real of determinism to the lightness of contingency.
A fine distinction between the push to say everything that leads the subject to find refuge in silence and preserves Meaning in its maximal consistent form and the analytic interpretation that undermines Meaning and creates a crossing through meanings toward the pure sound of her voice.

"Tension between pure and applied psychoanalysis"
The practice of the CPCT with its therapeutic emphasis may have a rebound effect on our conceptualization of the passe. At the present moment it helps to elucidates the distinction between the end of analysis and the passe. Laure cited Lacan's saying from 1975 that analysis ends when the patient is "happy to live". The symptom is something that enables to live and we should be careful not to push the analysand beyond a certain limit. Once he is happy to live, it may suffice. On the other hand, the passe is a passeage from analysand to analyst. This passeage is clearly specified by Lacan in the known proposition of 1967. Laure emphasized several points about this passeage. Here are some: 1. The title "The Flower of the passe", with reference to a short Chinese poem is an invention to transmit how it is possible to feel the whole process and yet be at its end. 2. The passe is also a passeage from being crushed by ideals to the birth of a new desire. This is not without ideals. If analysis ends with cynicism it is an analysis that failed since the end is not without ideals. 3. When the analysand turns into an analyst it can be proved that something new enters into play, object a. Personal and familial history that are so important along the way of analysis become meaningless and turn into an "empty box" which the analysand knows he can use to become an analyst. He will be able to make object a resonate in this "empty box" in such a way that will operate that something in his patients either to reach that "happy to live" or to cross over to their empty resonating box.

These issues turned into a lively and inspiring conversation with the audience that let as able to open the Seminar with Pierre Naveau in a very particular way. Here are some of the strarting points of the work at the seminar.

"Anxiety and the demand of God - How to decode the "table of anxiety" with Lacan's saying that "love is an obstacle to jouissance".

"Transference love and the topology of object a – Anxiety is not without an object. From this perspective, Lacan points that the analyst functions as an object. To capture object a in its theoretical dimension it is necessary to go through topology and to take into account the heterogeneity between the subject and the object."

"The cause of desire and perversion – the object is not the effect but the cause of desire. Lacan utilizes the example of the fetish. There is a close link between perversion and fetishism. Lacan relates to perversion especially the difference between sadism and masochism. The sadist attempt to raise the anxiety in the other while the masochist strives to reveal that the Other's desire is the law. That is how Lacan points that the pervert resists subjective devision and takes the place of the object. In this perspective he emphasizes the importance of the stage and staging".

At the end of the seminar, there were many questions to both guests, Laure and Pierre Naveau. The students' participation was an evidence of the tension between pure and applied psychoanalysis … the anguishing point relates to interpretation, as we say the art of produire necessity to discourse: what the subject of the Unconscious is waiting for.

Many thanks to Laure and Pierre for this productive encounter.

Ilana Rabin , Perla Miglin.

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