29 de março de 2008

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“The Body and his Objects in the Psychoanalytic Clinic"

Ghent, 15-16 March 2008
The 6th Congress of the NLS

This weekend, March 15th and 16th, the 6th Congress of the New Lacanian School, took place in Ghent, Belgium, under the title “The Body and Its Objects in the Psychoanalytic Clinic”.
Under the scientific and organizational direction of Anne Lysy, this Congress was hosted by the Kring Voor Psychoanalyse, the Dutch-speaking society of the NLS in Flanders and the Netherlands. It was in every way a success. By taking “the body and its objects” from the angle of the clinic, we were able to situate psychoanalysis with respect to the discourse of science, the market and art. The quality of the papers permitted us to grasp, once more, the scientific progress that is accomplished every year in the NLS thanks to the coordination of the work done in the School within the framework of its cartels and its seminars.

The program was conceived in order to give prominence to the presence of a new generation in our School. The warm welcome and the affectio societatis that was in attendance revealed the strong desire that the members of our Dutch-speaking Society felt with respect to this congress.

An artistic event — a dance performance created especially for us by a Flemish company and offered by the Kring — knotted the theme of the Congress with art in general and Flemish art in particular.

We thank Jacques-Alain Miller for his precious presence and what he taught us by his remarks and orienations during an outstanding plenary session, as well as Eric Laurent, General Delegate of the WAP, for his illuminating interventions during the debates and his brilliant paper of Sunday afternoon, which put into perspective the ensemble of these works.

For the Executive Committee,

Gil Caroz, President of the NLS

VIème Congrès de la NLS

“Le corps et ses objets dans la clinique psychanalytique”

Gand, 15 et 16 mars 2008

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