12 de novembro de 2009

[Lacanian-Orientation-US] the Freudian Field and the WAP on T W I T T E R

Dear colleagues,

Last month, our French colleagues along with some other analysts and friends from Europe and South America jumped into the world of Twitter. They signed on, started tweeting, and even, at the invitation of Jacques-Alain Miller, held a Twitter Party--certainly a first for the Lacanian orientation. For me, having just joined less than 48 hours ago, this so-called new social media is something curious to explore, very exciting, an interesting way to stay in touch--this is just my first reaction.

We just had a very moving Study Days in New York, with a desire on the part of many participants to stay in touch. We have our Study Days and our local meetings. We talk on the phone. We have our emails. We have even started video-conferencing to work together from afar. Perhaps this Twitter is one more way to facilitate our continued contact?

I would encourage all of you to join Twitter. It is very easy. Go to twitter.com to register. You can find the Lacanians through following those of us already signed on (my username is "svolos" for example, but you can search for other users by name). Once you find others, you can elect to "follow" their tweets (messages) and link up.

Let's stay in touch!

Best tweets,
Tom Svolos



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