10 de maio de 2011


The London Society
of the New Lacanian School




Dear Colleagues,

For a few years now, the digital cartels of the NLS have become a tool that is specific to the NLS. They raise a lot of enthusiasm and as a working and preparatory tool for the Congress they havedemonstrated their efficiency. We shall, therefore, for the coming year, continue this inter-cartel project, but not without slightly modifying the formula in the hope of improving it even more. As well as inviting everyone to register now, I shall first of all explain the proposed changes:

a) Firstly, we propose two different registration modalities. All those who would like to participate in the inter-cartel project 2011-2012 can either declare a cartel (as this has always been the case) or register on an individual basis.

- Those who would like to register by declaration of a cartel may use the declaration of cartel form, which can be found on the NLS website. I ask that a copy be sent to my email address: luc.vdvennet@skynet.be. Please specify that the cartel is for “Towards Tel Aviv”. The closing date for declarations of a cartel is the 30th of September 2011.

- Those who would like to register on an individual basis can send me an email (luc.vdvennet@skynet.be).They will be registered on a list from which I myself, with the Executive Committee, through a kind of draw, will make up mixed cartels. This is a new formula, an experiment, which will allow members and participants of the NLS to work together more, beyond local boundaries. Given the time required to form thecartels, please register before the summer holidays. The closing date for registration is the 1st of July 2011.

b) The way of working will also be modified. We are again asking for two clinical vignettes from each cartel (one at the end of October, the other in February: the dates will be announced). But, instead of each cartel giving a commentary on another cartel and of a few Extimates giving a commentary on all the cartels, I will group all the cartels together according to themes. For each group of three cartels an Extimate will be designated to coordinate the discussion. After these discussions we will ask for a commentary from each cartel on its own vignette! This commentary will attest to the discussion that has taken place, its effects, and its impact on the case construction etc. Each will adopt his own style!

I hereby open, as from today, registration for the inter-cartel project 2011-2012 in preparation for the Congress at Tel Aviv on the theme: “Reading a Symptom”.

For the commission of the cartels of the NLS

Luc Vander Vennet

(translated by Frances Coates-Ruet)

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