20 de maio de 2011

Lacanian Compass eLibrary index update

Lacanian Compass eLibrary Index update

We have added the website of the 2012 AMP Congress, which includes four texts in English, to our indexes.

We have also updated the existing sites, adding three texts from the NLS site that were not previously on the indexes.

And, finally, we have included a page on the website where we will post (indexed) texts not previously published elsewhere, where they may be read. Our first text posted there is a paper on "Ordinary Psychosis" delivered by Eric Laurent in Buenos Aires in 1996.

A complete listing of new texts may be found below.

Please also note that we have combined the AUTHOR and SUBJECT index on a single page.

Miller, Jacques-Alain (2004)"A Fantasy"
Gorostiza, Leonardo"Resonances of 'A Fantasy'"
Kruger, Flory"Presentation of the VIIIth Congress of the WAP"
Laurent, Eric"The Symbolic Order in the 21st Century: Consequences for the Treatment"
Malengreau, Pierre"Note on the Construction of the Case"
Brodsky, Graciela"Sexual Reality"
Price, Adrian"An Overview of the Debate on The Pass in the Journal des Journées"
Laurent, Eric"Ordinary Psychosis"

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