18 de junho de 2011

CLOO: Reading Seminar XV, The Psychoanalytic Act

Circle for the Lacanian Orientation of Omaha
and the
Division of Psychoanalysis, Creighton University Department of Psychiatry

invite you to

A Close Reading of the Seminar of Jacques Lacan: Book XV, "The Psychoanalytic Act"

presented by
Thomas Svolos
Psychoanalyst, New Lacanian School and World Association of Psychoanalysis
Adjunct Professor, Creighton University Department of Psychiatry

We have just finished a close reading of two texts of Lacan. Lacan's written texts are something like carefully wrought jewelry: the phrases and sentences shine and sparkle, and there is an intricacy to their construction that is amazing. In another way, they function as punctuation, marking discrete points in which Lacan attempts to construct something about his work at a particular point in time.

Lacan's Seminars present a very different aspect of Lacan's work. These are transcripts of the talks Lacan gave regularly over a period of decades. There is a clinical focus to them, for sure, as Lacan is trying to convey and transmit something about his experience of psychoanalysis to his audience. But, in them, we are exposed to the breadth of Lacan's interests, for they are filled also with discussions of philosophy, art, literature, history and the cultural and political happenings of the moments in which he is speaking. The style is very different from the written texts: informal, casual, with meanderings and digressions that can be quite engaging.

We have chosen Lacan's Seminar on "The Psychoanalytic Act" for the theme of the next and sixth Clinical Study Days of Lacanian Compass is indeed "The Psychoanalytic Act in the 21st Century." You are invited to join us in this reading.

This Reading Seminar is open to the public. Anyone may attend any or all of the sessions. No prior experience with psychoanalysis is required.

to be held
Fridays, 1130-100
June 24
July 1,8,15,22
[with an expectation that we will be working on this Seminar for about six months]

at the
Conference Room
Creighton University Psychiatry Clinic
3528 Dodge Street
Omaha, Nebraska

There is no fee for this, but as space is limited, you will need to register with Tom Svolos at tsvolos@radiks.net

For additional information on Lacanian Compass, visit lacaniancompass.com

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