24 de janeiro de 2012

LCE2: "Some Ideas on the Act of Reading in Psychoanalysis" Ram Mandil

"Some Ideas on the Act of Reading in Psychoanalysis" Ram Mandil

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Some Ideas on the Act of Reading in Psychoanalysis
Ram Mandil

This essay by Ram Mandil was presented to an international audience on November 13th 2011 as part of the ongoing 2011- 2012 video seminar series of the Lacanian Compass in preparation for Clinical Studies 6: The Psychoanalytic Act in the 21st Century. CSD6 will be held in New York City from February 24th - 26th 2012. In this work, Mandil identifies life in the 21st century as an era in which there is no place for the inconsistency of the Other. Under such conditions, there is a foreclosure of the act and as a result the subject returns in some tragic ways. Nevertheless, through an innovative analysis of Freudʼs comments on the Dora case as well as an intellectually rich and nuanced framing of Lacanʼs notion of reading the symptom “otherwise,” Mandil gives us useful guidance on how to proceed both as analysts and analysands in our current social experience.
Gary S. Marshall, Co-Editor

Issue 2
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