19 de janeiro de 2012

NYFLAG: "Occupy Wall Street"

The New York Freud and Lacan Analytic Group
Culture and Psychoanalysis Seminar presents

January 25th - 8:30PM

Barnard Hall, Room 409B
3009 Broadway (117th Street)

Presentation by Ross Shields: It Is Right to Rebel Without a Cause (these grievances are not-all inclusive)
Discussion led by Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff and Robert Buck

Occupy Wall Street appears leaderless, without demands, and without a cause—it would seem to be lacking the very traits that used to identify social and political movements. The seminar will investigate the extent to which the coherence of "The 99%" depends on the incoherence—the lack—of the "one demand". Have the politics of representation been replaced by a symptom of their failure: occupation? How might the movement itself occupy the position of the absent cause orienting politics towards the real?

Suggested Reading:

Chapters VII and VIII of Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego, Sigmund Freud.
The Direction of the Treatment and Its Principles of Power. Ecrits, Jacques Lacan
The Sinthome, A Mixture of Symptom and Fantasy, Jacques-Alain Miller
Chapter 20 of The Seminar Of Jacques Lacan: Book XI.

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