2 de dezembro de 2013

nls-messager 876.en/ NLS Members Conversation in Athens with Jacques-Alain Miller [2 Attachments]

Dear colleagues,

The members of the NLS gathered the eve of the Congress in Athens for a Conversation animated by Jacques-Alain Miller on the future of the School.

A preparatory document "Etat des lieux" was circulated before the Conversation and the publication of the transcription had been announced.
Here it is finally available!

This document is a working tool for the continued construction of the NLS, New Lacanian School. In it, Jacques-Alain Miller points out some orientations, opens certain doors, closes others and makes explicit the action of the Schools of the Freudian Field in a constant work-in-progress! The first consequence of this Conversation is the that the day before the next Congress in Ghent, a large Clinical Conversation reserved to members will be held, and and under the aegis of the WAP!

Towards Ghent and through the preparation of the Congress, let's continue to work for this wager made ten years ago by J-A Miller, of founding a School of Psychoanalysis worthy of the WAP. This School is composed of European groups and some other groups in countries where there isn't a School yet.
The Belgian motto applies here: union is strength. And you know how union in Belgium is precarious and how the culture of consensus is a national sport. It's no different for the NLS!

I particularly thank the members of the Hellenic Society for holding this conversation in Athens and for the impeccable work of transcription they were willing to undertake afterwards.

Wishing you a good reading

Best regards,

Dominique Holvoet

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