9 de dezembro de 2013

Papers nº 0 english version

Papers nº 0

 Boletín Electrónico del Comité de Acción de la Escuela Una

Versión 2013—2014


Editorial- Laure Naveau
First Session: The body to the letter
Patricio Alvarez – 'The speaking body'
Patricia Moraga – 'Borges or Lacan'
Clotilde Leguil – '21st Century Femininity: neither nature nor culture'

Second Session: The non-relation and the real
Anaelle Lebovits-Quenehen – 'The non-relation in the 21st century'
Laura Petrosino – 'To be open to contingency'
Leonora Troianovksi – 'How to symptomatize the real?'

Third Session: Science and jouissance
Deborah Gutermann-Jacquet – 'Gamblers, classical and post-modern'
Aurélie Pfauwadel – 'Lacanian science-fiction'
Manuel Zlotnik – 'The Real can take the bit in its teeth'

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