7 de maio de 2014

Hurly-Burly 11 is out!


Victoria Woollard      Reading the Real        9

Jacques Lacan            True Psychoanalysis, and False         15

• Vincent Dachy         What! The Cannot-Be-Said Cannot Be Said? Shush…?     27

• Anne Béraud           What Cannot Be Said: Desire, Fantasy, Real           34

• Yannis Dimitrakos               When One Can See… What Cannot Be Said           40

• Babeth Hamel          The First Step 45

• Despina Andropoulou         Fiction and Structure of Desire in Hamlet    50

A Real for the 21st Century
• Sérgio Laia   Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation:
An Offer for the 21st Century                                     65

• Leonardo Gorostiza             Amphibologies of the Real    69

• Miquel Bassols         In Psychoanalysis There Is No Knowledge in the Real        74

• Mauricio Tarrab       Savoir y faire  77

• Marco Focchi           The Real Cause Is the Non Necessary Cause           81

• Éric Laurent             On the Real in Psychoanalysis           84

• Graciela Brodsky     The Clinic and the Real         87

• Pierre Naveau          The Desire of the Analyst      90

• Véronique Voruz     Disorder in the Real and Inexistence of the Other   93

• Dominique Holvoet             Making Material of the Real  105

• Laure Naveau          A Clinic of Love Disorder     108

• Pierre Naveau          The Tip of the Foil     121

The Body and the Symptom
• Jacques-Alain Miller            Speaking Through One’s Body         131

• Éric Laurent             Speaking Through One’s Symptom,
Speaking Through One’s Body         138

Money on the Couch
• Guy Briole  A Pound of Flesh       157

• Esthela Solano-Suarez         The Session’s Price     160

• Éric Laurent             Immanent Money       163

• Jean-Claude Razavet           The Analyst Makes the Object,
the Analysand Takes Him There       167

• Agnès Aflalo           The Exorbitant Price of the Symptom           171

• Philippe La Sagna                The Circulation of Desire       175

• Miquel Bassols         Money, Time and Not-all       179

• Lilia Mahjoub          Psychoanalysis for Nothing? The Price to Be Paid   187

Why Am I in Supervision?
• France Jaigu             Where’s the Bat?        199

• Véronique Voruz     The Effects of Supervision    202

• Esthela Solano-Suarez         Learning to Read Otherwise  208

• Patrick Monribot      Supervision after the Pass      211

Hypermodern Times
• Éric Laurent             Racism 2.0      217

• Gustavo Dessal        The Spark of a Desire Can Transform a Subject,
a Community, a Country       223

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