22 de janeiro de 2007

NYFLAG has the pleasure to invite you to

NYFLAG has the pleasure to invite you to

"Biblical Annunciation Narratives: The Ethics of the Series and the Jouissance of the End"
Guest-Speaker: Manya Nicole Steinkoler, Ph.D.

Wednesday January 31, 2007, 8 pm
Barnard College, Room # 407
Broadway at 117th St.
New York City

The essay provides a close reading of the annunciation type scenes in the Old Testament (which form a series) as well as in the Gospel of Luke (which marks the end of the series). These readings foreground the differences between transmission and conversion, central concepts to the Judaic and Christian traditions and potentially important for thinking about transmission in the field of psychoanalysis. The larger framework of the paper could be thought of as "changes in the Master Disourse of Paternity"; I show that our contemporary changes (biotechnology, surrogacy) have historical precedents in the the gap between Judaism and Christianity. Finally, I will make some remarks on how an understanding of this earlier change can help us to think our contemporary moment.

Manya Nicole Steinkoler, Ph.D. is adjunct professor of English at Barnard, Fordham and Hunter College where she teaches a wide variety of courses in literature, film theory, psychoanalytic theory and creative writing. A Fulbright Scholar, she has a PhD in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory from UC Irvine. She has recently published articles on religion and psychoanalysis in The European Journal of Psychoanalysis and in A, A Journal of Culture and the Unconscious.

Free. All are welcome

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