9 de abril de 2009

AM on the challenges of the CPCT's to psychoanalysis today and new texts by Klotz and Cottet on depression

Our good colleague Russell Grigg and the Lacan Circle of Melbourne have recently created a new website, with information about their activities.

Next week, Jean-Pierre Klotz will be presenting for two days on Symptoms in the Age of Disconnection. In preparation for the Klotz Seminar, the website includes translations of several texts, some of which were not previously translated and available in English, including some very useful texts by J.-P. Klotz and S. Cottet on depression, a topic that we have worked on in some settings here in the United States over the past year (in New York and Omaha).

They have also just posted a new translation of a transcription of remarks made by Jacques-Alain Miller in Barcelona in November, 2008. The setting was a discussion of the developments of the CPCT's [Center for Psychoanalytic Consultation and Treatment] within the Freudian Field. [See Dominique Laurent's text on the same site for an excellent introduction in English to the function of the CPCT's.] Miller's remarks here--on the CPCT's and their impact on the Lacanian orientation; the relationship of psychoanalysis to larger social institutions and demands; and, the risk to psychoanalysis and the training of psychoanalysts with the very success of the CPCT's--and elsewhere have led to a large debate on the role of the CPCT's and applied psychoanalysis in the WAP; the relation of applied psychoanalysis to pure psychoanalysis; and, the future of psychoanalysis in the new social and political landscape today, a debate conducted mostly in French and Spanish [see the Entretiens d'Actualité at http://www.forumpsy.org/]. This translation of Miller's remarks at Barcelona represents the first time a part of this debate is available in English.

Links to these texts may be found at the website of the Lacan Circle, at the bottom of the site:
We appreciate the work of our Australian colleagues in translating and posting these texts.

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