3 de julho de 2010


The London Society
of the New Lacanian School




After the Geneva Congress

The 8th NLS Congress “Daughter, Mother, Woman in the 21st Century” took place last weekend in Geneva in an atmosphere both studious and cordial. A large audience of nearly 350 people, who came from all over Europe and beyond, were able to appreciate the quality of the papers presented. The presentations were rewarded with illuminating comments from the session’s chairs.

We would like to thank in particular Jacques-Alain Miller for his participation. We would also like to thank Leonardo Gorostiza, president of the WAP, whose AS testimony on Sunday was an exceptional moment for us. Thanks to the participation of the Presidents of other Schools, the NLS is resolutely inscribed in the European movement of the Lacanian orientation. Lucia D’Angelo (ELP), Paola Francesconi (SLP), Jean-Daniel Matet (ECF), Vicente Palomera’s successor Gil Caroz (for the FEEP, newly named Euro-Federation of Psychoanalysis), are our partners in this movement.

This Congress, to which Pierre-Gilles Guéguen gave a firm outline a year ago, crowned his mandate as president of the NLS. We congratulate him for the work he has achieved. During this period I have appreciated our close collaboration, for which I wish to thank him warmly.

We would also like to thank Christiane Ruffieux and her colleagues of the ASREEP who organised this event and all that went with it. Not only was it flawless, it was also aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. According to its participants this always makes an NLS Congress particularly appealing.

Our next Congress will take place in London on the 2nd and 3rd April 2011, with the title “How Psychoanalysis Works”. The argument, presented last Sunday, will soon circulate on our lists. The organisation will be entrusted to Natalie Wülfing and our colleagues of the London Society. In all the groups of the NLS the preparation of the Congress will start in September through, amongst other things, the NLS Seminars and the Cartels. The preparatory documents will regularly be circulated on NLS-Messenger. Don’t forget to check the NLS website, where information will also be available.

Until then, we would like to wish all of you a pleasant summer

For the Executive Committee,

Anne Lysy,



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