4 de julho de 2010

update on New York

Dear Colleagues and Friends
A few weeks ago the e-mail account of the the NYFLAG was hacked and some strange e-mails requesting money were send out by the hackers.
Since then Maria Cristina Aguirre reports she has had no access to this account and all the contacts, inbox and sent box have been deleted by the hackers.
Until a new account is properly set, she kindly requests those interested in the NYFLAG activities to write to her at : mcrisaguirre@yahoo.com
The next meetings will be:
July 14: Seminar The Psychoses chapter XII
July 21: We will continue discussing Jacques-Alain Miller article The Sinthome, a Mixture of Symptom and Fantasy ; and Jean-Louis Gault "Two Statuses of the Symtom: Let us Turn to Finn Again" in The Later Lacan.
July 28: Seminar The Psychoses chapter XIII
August 4: "Hysteria and Sinthome" by Marie-Helene Brousse in The Later Lacan
August 11: Save the Date! Lecture "Encounters with Sexuality". Guest-Speaker Marco Focchi, Italian Psychoanalyst.
All meetings take place at Barnard College 8:30 pm, room 403

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