31 de agosto de 2010

Call for Papers

the Lacanian Orientation-US and the Lacanian Compass present

January 14-16, 2011
Miami Beach


The Fifth Clinical Study Days are to be hosted in Miami Beach on January 14-16, 2011, with the participation of Vicente Palomera, Spanish Psychoanalyst, and in the presence of Pierre-Gilles Gueguen, special Delegate of the World Association of Psychoanalysis for the United States. Leonardo Gorostiza, President of the World Association of Psychoanalysis will deliver the opening remarks via videoconference.

The theme of the meeting is “Reading the Unconscious.” The concept of the Unconscious in Jacques Lacan’s teaching has gone through a complex evolution reflected in the theory but also in the practice of psychoanalysis: “We find this path of Lacan’s often traced in psychoanalytic experience today–psychoanalyses which will begin with explorations of meaning and fascinations with the very formations of the unconscious…and then, with time…continue around difficult points, things impossible to speak about. What are the consequences of this for the act of Reading the Unconscious? How do we read something that is impossible to say? These are the themes we wish to explore for our next Clinical Study Days, what is it to read the Unconscious, even if it is to read a text that is not written.” [From the Argument]

The Scientific Committee of the CSD5 invites you to present a paper at this meeting. We are soliciting two types of papers.
The first is clinical case presentations, where the theme of the Study Days, “Reading the Unconscious,” should be addressed. Papers should be both at most 20 minutes long when read aloud and at most 15,000 characters (with spaces) in length.
The second is papers that address this theme from a cultural or societal perspective, or treat the theme from a theoretical perspective. They will be part of a round table. Papers in this category should be both at most 10 minutes long when read aloud and at most 7,500 characters (with spaces) in length.

Please send your texts to the CSD5 Scientific Committee at mcrisaguirre@yahoo.com

Papers should be submitted not later than November 1, 2010. We appreciate your interest and collaboration on the Clinical Study Days, and we are looking forward to receiving your papers and to seeing you in Miami Beach.

Scientific Committee
Ellie Ragland
Fernando Schutt
Pam Jespersen
Gary Marshall
Maria Cristina Aguirre

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