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nls-messager 55 - 2010/2011 PULSE in London, deadline for papers 13 March 2011

Messager 55 - 2010/2011

PULSE in LONDON, deadline for papers 13 March 2011

PULSE in London


Papers to be submitted by 13th March 2011

Call for Papers

Papers to be submitted by 13th March 2011 by e-mail to both: mh.brousse@orange.fr and pggueguen@orange.fr with the subject heading: PULSE IN LONDON.

Presentations of no longer than 15 minutes (2,000 words / 10,000 characters)

Preference will be given to case histories bearing a close relation to the theme and showing how the analysis has been operating on the jouissance of the object.

London, Friday, 1st April 2011


Institute of Education

20 Bedford Way

London WC1H 0AL

Underground: Russell Square

The Clinic of the Object

Thanks to his concept of object a, developed in Seminars X and XI and which will become a pivotal point of his subsequent teaching, Lacan introduces the body and the drive in psychoanalysis in a way that was hitherto unheard of. He had previously criticised widely the psychoanalytical practice of the current of the « object relation » theory flourishing in the IPA.

How do we take into account in our practice the definition of the object a as cause of desire ? How do we make use of the Lacanian saying that the object a is a lost object? How does the subject manage to separate from the jouissance, which is always in excess?

These are some of the questions that we will examine starting from cases concerning clinical issues bearing on neuroses, psychoses or perversions in adult patients as well as in children.

We will look into these issues with care and attention similar to the focus of the NLS Congress: Elucidating how it is possible, thanks to psychoanalysis in the Lacanian orientation, to operate on the jouissance of the object a, keeping in mind what Jacques-Alain Miller once said: Jouissance is special in the human being inasmuch as it is a jouissance that speaks.

Online Registration and Payment Now Open at

Fees: £85/€100/$140); Students under 26: £40/€50/$65

For further details, all enquiries to PennyGeorgiou@aol.com

Pre-registration for those who intend to attend and pay in cash (only British £ accepted): contact PennyGeorgiou@aol.com

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