24 de outubro de 2011

181 - 2011/2012 LQ Translations - a selection from Lacan Quotidien: 52

Messager 181 - 2011/2012

LQ Translations- a selection from Lacan Quotidien: 52

24 octobre 2011
24 October 2011


A selection of texts from Lacan Quotidien, the daily online Lacan news bulletin

[a selection from Lacan Quotidien: 52 is attached]

Lacan Quotidien in English brings you quick translations of this vibrant and fast moving daily publication, which NLS-Messager sends in the French original on the same day.

Translations will be selective and pragmatic, in an attempt to transmit some of the abundant material and its spirit: spontaneous, of the moment, quirky, humorous and inspired!

If you can help with translations, please come forward [nwulfing@blueyonder.co.uk] and support this project, which plays an important role in transmitting to our Anglophone colleagues Lacan's legacy and the vibrancy of the movement led by Jacques-Alain Miller, who ensures Lacan's unique relevance in our contemporary praxis. We thank the translators who have already started work for giving their time. NW

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MARIE-HELENE BROUSSE ,The New Feminism, Lacanian:


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