30 de outubro de 2011

195 - 2011/2012 Oxford Public Lecture, Lacan on Science and Religion, R.Litten

Messager 195 - 2011/2012

Oxford Public Lecture, Lacan on Science and Religion, R.Litten

30 octobre 2011
30 October 2011

Public Lecture
Lacan on Science and Religion
Dr. Roger Litten

In a 1974 press conference in Rome, Jacques Lacan speaks about the relations between psychoanalysis and religion in surprisingly dogmatic terms. He claims in the first instance that is is "either one or the other", either psychoanalysis or religion. He then goes on to say: "If religion triumphs, which is the most likely outcome, (I'm talking about the true religion, there has only ever been one true one), that will be the sign that psychoanalysis has failed."

Later he will expand on this claim by saying that the true religion is the Roman one. "There is only one true religion and that religion is Christian." What are we to make of these claims by the outstanding representative of contemporary psychoanalysis? What implications do they have for the faithful, whether those who believe in God or those who believe in the Unconscious? In his talk, Dr. Litten will take up these questions in order to speak about the respective places of religion and psychoanalysis in a world dominated by the advances of modern science, and the life sciences in particular.

Tuesday 1st November - 8.30pm
The Newman Society
Oxford University
The Old Palace
Rose Place

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