27 de outubro de 2011

NLS Messager 182: Towards Tel Aviv 5

Messager 182 - 2011/2012


10th NLS Congress 16-17 June 2012

24 October 2011

Towards Tel Aviv 5 – Invitation to the 10th NLS-Congress ‘Reading a Symptom’.

The 10th NLS-Congress takes place on the 16 and 17 June 2012 in Tel Aviv.
We are delighted to announce Eric Laurent’s participation from this moment onwards.

Website registrations will open very soon. The poster and leaflet, designed by our Israeli colleagues has been printed.
Information on registration will be circulated on NLS-Messager ‘Towards Tel Aviv’ and on the NLS website www.amp-nls.org

The presentation by J.-A. Miller, ‘Reading a Symptom’ constitutes our point of departure. This fascinating text, precise and rich at the same time, offers numerous ways of access and allows for true research. It was published in French and English, it can be found on the website, and it will soon be available in many other translations there.
The annotated bibliography is a useful tool for working; it will be developed in the course of the months ahead.
The preparatory work began before the summer in Tel Aviv and after the summer it started sharply in all the groups of the NLS. From this moment onwards we will circulate on NLS-Messager ‘Towards Tel Aviv’ and on the website, reflections on many of the activities. We will henceforth differentiate different rubrics of which some are new, and which you will discover soon:

  • Practical Information
  • Bibliography in progress
  • Texts
  • ‘Reflexions’

Others could be added in the course of the year.
The touring NLS ‘Knottings’ Seminar, the preparatory seminars, the afternoons or weekends of work in different groups, the conferences, cartels, etc.: the NLS proves to be a beehive once again. Let us hope that the honey it will bring at the end of this year of work is up to its initial promise
We are looking forward to a large participation in the preparatory work and we hope to see you in great numbers at the Congress in Tel Aviv.
Enjoy the work.
Anne Lysy
NLS President

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