1 de março de 2013

Call for papers for the 2013 NLS Congress in Athens

Towards Athens - Call for papers: Deadline March 31st 

Reference texts for the Congress are:

- The presentation of the theme by Eric Laurent entitled "Psychosis or radical belief in the symptom"
- The argument which develops the title "The Psychotic Subject in the Geek Era. Typicality and Symptomatic Inventions"
- The short bibliography for the Congress. You will find all of them on the NLS website.
 The main axis focuses on questioning the category of psychosis in the 21st century, in its displacement towards the autistic paradigm as the root of the speaking being's defense against the impact of language on the body.
With its emphasis on the Geekthe argument invites you to consider a new logic of the living [du vivant]. What was still of the order of the gadget in the last century has become, with the screens, a true complementary organ, lively bodily prolongation which the speaking being cannot do without.

The papers may therefore support this new orientation of a continuist clinic which is no longer solely articulated through the paternal paradigm, but also through the claim for particular life-styles stemming from desires to be transcribed into laws.
Some themes that emerged from the work of the Congress team:
-          From the man-machine to the object outside-the-body
-          The noise of lalangue and the ways of knotting RSI
-          Screens as "new privileged forms of the Other» (E.L.)
-          The psychotic subject as he who believes the most in the meaning of his symptom
-          Offensive and attractive categories: claim and rejection
-          Autism as belvedere of the clinic
-          Support on established discourses and psychotic invention?
-          The jouissance of the One-all-alone... and the Other
-          Use of symptomatic inventions in practice
-          Life-style and normalisation of the symptom
Priority to clinical cases
Departing from clinical cases, we will explore the tracks offered by J.-A. Miller and Eric Laurent. Special attention will be given to the construction of the case -reduction and selection of 'material', putting into series of the symptom from the perspective of the question that the case raises for the practitioner. 

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is not disjoint from the Congress Organising Committee. Just like this team has prepared the logistic details, it will take part in the selection of papers. The Committee will review all texts sent and will contact the author to help refine the text if necessary. It is therefore important that each author submits his or her text in French or English and that the deadline is respected so hat this preliminary work can be carried out.

Deadline and length of texts
Papers of a maximum of 7000 signs including spaces should be sent to Dominique Holvoet (dominique.holvoet@gmail.comand Epaminondas Theodoridis (etheodor@otenet.gr before March 31, 2013 with the reference CONGRESS NLS in the e-mail subject. In the text itself you shall add your e-mail address to your full name. The title of the attached file must be the author's surname. We welcome your contributions and hope that many of you will bring your voice to this work of elaboration.
The Congress Team

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