1 de março de 2013

INSTITUT LACAN - DOMO 03 [English] 1st March 2013, 16:30 Paris Time





1 March 2013 4.30pm Paris time


1. The International Lacanian Institute (LILI) has been created. It is to be the worldwide extension of the Lacan Institute of Paris and has the same scientific and humanitarian ends.

2. The Lacan Institute will organise in collaboration with the journal La Règle du Jeu a cycle of lectures : « For an Intellectual Right to Interfere in World Affairs ». This cycle will take place in Paris. It is possible and hoped that this will be replicated in other towns and countries in agreement with the organisers of the Parisian cycle.

3. The publication of the journal of the Freudian Field Ornicar?, will begin again since it was stopped in 2004. No. 52 will appear during the last trimester of 2013.
4. The publication of Cahiers pour l’Analyse will begin again since it was stopped in 1969. No. 11 will appear during the first trimester of 2014. The following personalities will be invited to participate in a form that remains to be defined with each : Alain Grosrichard ; Jean-Claude Milner ; and François Regnault.     
5. The manuscripts of Jacques Lacan will start to appear in 2014 with the publishing house “La Martinière”. Jacques Lacan’s Seminar VI, “Le désir et son interprétation”, text established by Jacques-Alain Miller, will appear with the same publishing house next June. At the end of the year the first course to be published in French by Jacques-Alain Miller “Les Tout-seuls” will come out, text established by Christiane Alberti and Philippe Hellebois      

6. The Université populaire Jacques Lacan will be endowed with a premises in Paris. It will accommodate the activities of the following associations and societies: Freudian Field Foundation, Institute of the Freudian Field, Uforca, International Lacanian Institute, Navarin Editeur, Le Champ freudien éditeur, Lacan Quotidien. Other groups will be welcomed in agreement with the premises’ director.

7. For the event of the publishing of Seminar VI, I will resume my public course of l’Orientation Lacanienne.

Jacques-Alain Miller

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