8 de setembro de 2013

Declaration of the cartels (in – vivo) for the year 2013-2014


The London Society
of the New Lacanian School

Dear Colleagues

The coordinator of cartels for the NLS, Despina Andropoulou, is drawing our attention (here below) to registering our cartels with the NLS. It is regarding those cartels that are local and constituted of colleagues who regularly meet and choose their Plus One locally (or if not, who find a way to meet in person as regularly as possible). These cartels are usually, but not compulsorily formed of 4 persons and a Plus One, on a theme of mutual interest falling roughly within the categories to be found on the 'declaration form' (http://www.amp-nls.org/page/gb/32/dclaration-de-cartels) - as follows:

1- Fundamental readings
2- The path of the matheme
3- Ethics and training of the psychoanalyst
4- The analytic act in the cure
5- Clinical investigations
6- The place of psychoanalysis in mental health
7- Topology of the Freudian Field
8- Psychoanalytic Institutions
9- The desire for something else in culture

A cartel is expected to go on for about two years, it has an end, and its results can be presented to a wider public. The result is the product of personal research on a question individually derived from the topic that is investigated by the whole cartel. It is not a text composed by committee, it is personal work that was developed through sharing one's questions in the discussions and exchanges with other cartel members, and which was given a direction by the Plus One. Work can also be presented before the end of the life of a cartel, as a form of interim presentation to discuss with an audience.

Nobody is too senior or too junior to start a cartel and one does not have to be a London Society member or an NLS member to get involved.

The London Society programme has made room for the first term, for cartels to form and for the NLS theme of the year to be studied individually (the NLS theme is based on the reading of the newly published Seminar VI, in French, and was circulated recently: see NLS-messager 806 in French, which has Jacques-Alain Miller's presentation, and NLS-messager 805 which has Dominique Holvoet's argument for this year in French - translations are expected soon). 

The London Society will have two mornings scheduled in Spring next year, for cartels to present their work to an audience. Interested cartels should sign up for these mornings by writing to the Bureau. The exact dates will be made public in the next few days. 

As always, cartels as described above are to be distinguished from the short-term online cartels on the NLS congress theme, which are strictly reserved for clinical case discussions and which end at the time of the next NLS congress (May 17/18).

We'd like to encourage you to work in cartels and wish for new vigour in this style of study. 
If you'd like to find colleagues to work with write to the Bureau and we'll try and coordinate this. If you are already working in a group but have no Plus One, or have not declared your cartel formally, we'd urge you to do this as it focuses the work. You can write to the Bureau if you need help with this.

A text recently circulated by NLS-messager (803.en/ About cartels), by the NLS President Dominique Holvoet, is of interest to anyone who has grappled with the difficulty of working in cartels and of keeping them going. There is a real involved that we shall take our orientation from.

Kind regards
Natalie Wulfing
chair, London Society

Dear colleagues,
You are kindly requested to declare your cartels on the website of the School by filling in the form that you can find by clicking on the rubric "Life of the School – Cartel  - Declaration of the cartels".
  The declaration of the cartels concerns the cartels of the NLS that start this year as well as the ones from last year that will continue their work. 

Attention! : Do not tick in the box "Cartel Towards the Congress". It is reserved for the electronic cartels.
  I wish you all the best with your work!
 Despina Andropoulou
Responsible for cartels


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