28 de septiembre de 2013

Psychoanalytical Notebooks 27 - New Issue, Out Now


The London Society
of the New Lacanian School

Psychoanalytical Notebooks 27

New Issue, Out Now

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Science and the Real
Guest editor: Miquel Bassols
Issue editor: Roger Litten


Jacques-Alain Miller - Psychoanalysis, its place among the sciences 

Miquel Bassols - There is no science of the real

Eric Laurent - The illusion of scientism, the anguish of scientists 

Marco Focchi - Number in science and in psychoanalysis 

Pierre Skriabine - Science, the subject and psychoanalysis 

Philippe La Sagna et al. - Science and the name of the father

Esthela Solano-Suarez - The clinic in the time of the real 

Francois Ansermet - Trace and object, between neurosciences and psychoanalysis 

Guy Briole - Error and misunderstanding 

Alfredo Zenoni - A post-scientific real 

Jacques-Alain Miller - Spare parts 

Pierre Naveau - Jealousy and the hidden gaze 

Veronique Voruz - Reading Catherine M. on jealousy 

Bogdan Wolf - Intricacies of the gaze 

Betty Bertrand-Godfrey - Jealousy as a name of the father? 

Laure Naveau - The other man of his life 

Holly Pester - I have spoilt a better name than my own…

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