10 de setembro de 2013

New formula of the project of the electronic cartels

The London Society
of the New Lacanian School

Dear Colleagues

The short term online cartels on the NLS congress theme have been launched. Here below the delegate for cartels, Despina Andropoulou, explains the procedure.

The most important element is to form cartels of 4 and a plus one, as soon as you can. The deadline to register your electronic cartel is 15 September, your chosen plus one should register it by writing to Despina at d.andropoulou@yahoo.gr.

If you cannot find colleagues to work with locally you can write on an individual basis to Despina and she will constitute cartels made up from those individuals and designate a plus one to them as well.

I hope that the London Society and its sympathisers will be well represented in the Electronic cartel exercise.

Kind regards

Natalie Wulfing
chair, London Society

Dear Colleagues,
As it was announced at the end of the report of the second round of the electronic cartels, the e-cartel project will be lightly modified the next year. These modifications aim at the reinforcement of the work within each cartel and the facilitation of the exchanges among the cartels.
Taking into account the difficulties we have noted during last year, the new formula of the e-cartel project for 2013-2014 is the following:
1st step: Constitution of the cartels as groups (4+1) or on individual basis. In the last case, it is the delegate of the cartels who, as a general rule, will be charged with the designation of the Plus-One. The Plus-Ones will send the composition of their cartel by the 15th of September to the following e-mail address: d.andropoulou@yahoo.gr
2nd step: The members of each cartel choose from the proposed cases, the vignette that will be commented upon and discussed. In order to stimulate the work by all members of the cartel, more time (about 3 months) will be allowed for the exchanges between the members of the cartel (theoretical elaboration of the case, specifications on the evolution of the case, effects of the analytical act, elaborated work on the structure of the case etc.)
3rd step: Each cartel, represented by the Plus-One, sends its elaborated vignette to the delegate of the cartels.
4th step: Redistribution of the vignettes by the delegate.
5th step: Each cartel works on the case of another cartel for 2 months. An extime participates in the discussion.
6th step: The vignettes are sent to the delegate. The delegate sends back each commented vignette to the cartel that has written it.
7th strep: The author has at their disposal a month in order to send their vignette in its final version (including the commentaries of the other cartel and/or answers to questions posed).
The deadlines of each step as well as the names of the extimes and other information will be given out during the procedure.

The delegate of the cartels
Despina Andropoulou



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