28 de setembro de 2009

Alain Badiou - Is the Word “Communism” Forever Doomed?

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Alain Badiou
Is the Word "Communism" Forever Doomed?

I name 'event', a rupture in the normal disposition of bodies and normal ways of a particular situation. Or if you want, I name 'event' a rupture of the laws of the situation. So, in its very importance, an event is not the realization/variation of a possibility that resides inside the situation. An event is the creation of a new possibility. An event changes not only the real, but also the possible. An event is at the level not of simple possibility, but at the level of possibility of possibility. […]
I name 'state' or 'state of the situation' the system of constraints, which precisely limit the possibility. For example today I name the state of our situation, capitalist economy, constitutional form of government, veridical laws about the order of labor, army, police, and so on – all that composes the state of our situation. The state defines what is possible and what isn't. So an event is always something which happens beyond the state. And therein lies the difference between an event and a simple fact. […]
I name 'truth procedure' or 'truth' an organization of consequences of an event. The process or the fact of naming the process of what follows an event. […]

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