25 de setembro de 2009

[Lacanian-Orientation-US] September 27 VIDEO-SEMINAR with ANTONI VICENS

For Members of the WAP in the United States and invited guests:
World Association of Psychoanalysis in the United States


Session #6


with our guest
Antoni Vicens
Barcelona, Spain
Analyst of the School 2008-2011
Member, Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanálisis

Sunday, September 27, 2009
11:30 Eastern Standard [New York] Time

For our final session for our series on "Interpretation," in preparation for our Study Days next month, we will be joined by our guest Antoni Vicens, a Member of the ELP (the School in Spain) who was also recently named an Analyst of the School for 2008-2011, having completed the procedure of the Pass.
Antoni Vicens has very kindly participated in several of our previous meetings.
For this week, we will have the opportunity to work on a theoretical text by A. Vicens on Interpretation and also on the Testimony of the Pass that A. Vicens presented at the Congress of the New Lacanian School this spring in Paris.

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