11 de setembro de 2009

Petition Against State regulation - let's get more signatures!

The Petition against State Regulation of Psychotheray and Counselling in the UK,which you have signed, currently stands at 2378 names (after removing duplicates etc). This is an excellent result; but we want to do even better. If everyone who has signed can get one other person to do so, we will double that figure and be within sight of 5000 signatures.

The pace of developments on HPC regulation is hotting up, and fairly soon we will reach the make or break point. The more people who have stated b y tghen that they are opposed to this form of regulation, the better our chances of stopping it. Please do whatever you can do find more signatories for the petition, which is at


And can we also remind you about the Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy's conference in London on October 11th; see



To contact the Alliance, email info@allianceforcandp.org.

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