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London Society programme 2009-2010, seminar details

The London Society
of the New Lacanian School

Dear Colleagues,

The London Society's seminar programme features three separate series this year, the NLS-Seminar, the Introductory Seminar on Freud's Cases and the London Society Seminar. Here attached are the individual posters for the NLS and the Freud Seminar, with the LS Seminar still to follow.
The website has been updated so that you will find links to the NLS congress and the WAP congress details, as well as all the other information.

Kind Regards

Natalie Wulfing



Introductory Seminar of the LS 2009-2010:


Seminar Series chaired by Natalie Wulfing
Speakers: Gabriela van den Hoven, Vincent Dachy, Roger Litten

We return to two classic Freudian cases, Dora and The Young Homosexual Woman, and read them through the commentaries Lacan made at different stages of his teaching.

These cases remain invaluable to us for several reasons: Freud’s discoveries on technique, and on drive economy insofar as it is bound up in the signifier, both arouse from the difficulties he experienced in the treatment. And Freud’s ethics, his position towards the patient’s complaints, insisting on a strict reading of the text of the unconscious, also emerged through these cases. We are still learning from this orientation.

These cases also attest to the fact that psychoanalysis is an invention intimately bound up with femininity, with the particular suffering of female subjects. Lacan extracted and developed the structural elements from the Freudian trajectory. In his late work, he ended up considering the semblant as a response to jouissance – something women have a close relationship with.

Our idea is to investigate anew the structural impasses Freud came across, their logic and how he dealt with them. We will seek to further our understanding of these impasses through the Lacanian notion of the phallus (Seminar 3 and 5) and object a (Seminars 11 and 17). If approaching a case from the perspective of object a is still grounded in the production of meaning, then, understanding it on the basis of jouissance (Seminars 20 and 23) produces an equality between imaginary, symbolic and real, and this brings the semblant to the fore.

10am -1pm, ULU, 2nd Floor

1) 14 Nov. 2009 - with G. van den Hoven: Dora - A Structural Reading

2) 6 Mar. 2010 - with V. Dachy: Dora – A Reading of Object a and Jouissance

3) 5 Jun. 2010 - with R. Litten: The Homosexual Woman - A Reading of the Sinthome


Freud, S. The Interpretation of Dreams (2), ch.VII, SE5, pp. 509-621
Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria, SE7, pp. 7-122
The Psychogenesis of a Case of Homosexuality in a Woman, SE18 pp. 145-172
Lacan, J.; Seminar III The Psychoses, ch. XII and XIII pp. 161-182
Seminar XI The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis
Seminar XVII The Other Side of Psychoanalysis, ch. I, pp. 29-38
Seminar XX Encore; The Limits of Love and Knowledge, ch. IV – VIII, pp. 39 – 103


NLS Seminar 2009-2010:

“Guiding Remarks for a Convention on Female Sexuality”

Seminar Series chaired by Véronique Voruz
Marie-Hélène Brousse (ECF, NLS)
Anne Lysy-Stevens (ECF, Vice-President, NLS)
Pierre-Gilles Guéguen (ECF, President, NLS)

In preparation for the NLS Congress in Geneva in June 2010 on the theme “Daughter, Mother, Woman in the 21st Century”, three senior analysts of the New Lacanian School will give a conference each on Lacan’s “Guiding Remarks for a Convention on Female Sexuality” (in Écrits: The First Complete English Translation, Norton: 2006, p. 610-620).

2-5pm, ULU, 2nd Floor

1) 3 October 2009 – Marie-Hélène Brousse

2) 23 January 2010 – Anne Lysy-Stevens

3) 10 April 2010 – Pierre-Gilles Guéguen



Daughter, Mother, Woman in the 21st Century

NLS-Seminar: ‘Guiding Remarks on Female Sexuality’ (Lacan, J.; Ecrits, Norton 2006)

Introductory Seminar on Freud’s Cases of Women (am)

London Society-Seminar: Femininity in the 21st Century (pm)

Workshop on the Pass

Psychoanalysis & Theory Seminar

WAP-Prep Seminar (Semblants & Sinthome)

03 Oct 2009 NLS – Seminar

Marie-Helene Brousse

Bloomsbury Suite 2pm - 5pm
14 Nov 2009 Intro Freud / LS - Seminar Bloomsbury Suite 10-1pm / 2-5pm
05 Dec 2009 Work Shop on the Pass

Rose-Paule Vinciguerra

Room 2A 2pm – 5pm
09 Jan 2010 Knottings

Pierre-Gilles Gueguen

Bloomsbury Suite 2pm - 5pm
23 Jan 2010 NLS – Seminar

Anne Lysy

Room 2A 2pm - 5pm
06 Feb 2010 WAP Prep-Seminar Bloomsbury Suite 2pm - 5pm
06 Mar 2010 Intro Freud / LS - Seminar Bloomsbury Suite 10-1pm / 2-5pm
10 Apr 2010 NLS – Seminar

Pierre-Gilles Gueguen

Bloomsbury Suite 2pm - 5pm
08 May 2010 Psychoanalysis & Theory Seminar Bloomsbury Suite 2pm - 5pm
05 Jun 2010 Intro Freud / LS - Seminar Bloomsbury Suite 10-1pm / 2-5pm

NLS Knottings Seminar (on the annual theme)

VENUE: 2nd Floor, ULU, Malet St., London WC1

Fee: All Seminars are £15/10 cons each and £20/15 cons for the Freud+LS-Seminar on the same day; The Annual Subscription (13 seminars) is £170/110 cons

Enquiries: secretary-londonsociety@blueyonder.co.uk


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