24 de outubro de 2009

Lacanian Ink 34 - FALL 2009 - Delirium

LACANIAN INK 34 - Delirium

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Josefina Ayerza
To resume again...

Jacques-Alain Miller
The Invention of Delirium

The Divine Details

Alain Badiou
For Today Plato: The Republic

Pierre-Gilles Guéguen
The Extraordinary Case of Jean Genet

François Regnault
Dantesque Passions

Gérard Wajcman
A Dream of Eternity

Slavoj Zizek
Hermeneutic Delirium

Josefina Ayerza
Leonid Sokov, Lux Lindner

Cover Art
Leonid Sokov

Ryan Trecartin, Emory Douglas

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