31 de outubro de 2009

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Jacques-Alain Miller
Rally of the Impossible Professions
The London Society of the New Lacanian School - 20th September 2008

Report: Clinical Study Days 4
New York, October 16-18, 2009

Pierre-Gilles Guéguen
Don't Blame It on New York!
For Lacan, the objet a of mass industry has a name: he calls it the 'lathouse'. This curious designation, previously unheard of, borrows as much from 'ventouse', the French for a suction cup, as from Ousia (which in Aristotle designates substance as well as Being). Now, the lathouses that proliferate in the alethosphere are 'false objects'. These objects that are proposed to us 'pretend to transport the same libido into the fetishism of merchandise as was extracted from it by the labour necessary to produce or purchase them.
Massimo Recalcati
The Empty Subject: Un-Triggered Psychoses in the New Forms of the Symptom
For the triggering of psychosis to be produced then, the existence of the structural cause of foreclosure is not enough. The absence of the signifier of the Name-of-the-Father is not enough. Lacan is quite clear when he states "for the psychosis to be triggered, the Name-of-the-Father, verworfen, foreclosed, that is to say, never having attained the place of the Other, must be called into symbolic opposition to the subject."

Josefina Ayerza
Contagious: Swine Flu; Suicide; Hysteria
With Lacan Nancy Pelosi identifies herself with an object. So she identifies herself with Obama, and she identifies herself with different characters in his family or in her milieu. In order to qualify the instance where she identifies herself with another – in fact, this someone becomes not her ego ideal, not her ego, but her other ego. We are dealing with an object, insofar as she recognizes in another the tokens of her desire. Namely that she faces the same problematic desire than him. It happens through identification – with all the features of contagion, crisis, epidemic, symptomatic manifestations, which characterize hysteria.

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