24 de outubro de 2009

[Lacanian-Orientation-US] celebrating Clinical Study Days in New York

honoring the occasion of the dinner celebrating our fourth Clinical Study Days in New York this past weekend,

from our good friend Manya Steinkoler --

Gastronomie, it seems, in the land of L’Athouses
Surprised us last night by serving as Muse
In over-fed giddy digestive Délire
Delectable tidbits sortired Étourdire
Blessing the languorous fat Comatose
Tipsy from whopping cheesecake Overdose
Bacchus he gave us a blast for our Buck
As I babbled in Yiddish, Schlemazel and Schmuck
Our end of the table, a joyous Vaudeville
Interpretation elation to honor Pierre Gilles
But the bill busted in to give us a Start
For to fall short or exceed, we’ve raised to an Art
Whichever neurosis chose you or you Chose
A bill-paying subject, we cannot Suppose
For when Hysterics count money the future looks Bleak
(I myself do much better with Classical Greeks)
Flustered by numbers those dames of Semblance
Are just not the “relais” of higher Finance
And then it happened from giddy group Trance
The idea emerged for a new Jouissance
A column, a show, some cute little Skits
To honor the fun punctuation, the Witz
Transforming for instance, the dense R.S.I.
To a scratch-and sniff version, “The Decline Comedy”
Like all good interpretation that’s just Accidental
“Eureka!” Tom yelled, it’s “DivertisMental!
And now we will have a place – who knows Where?
Where psychose ordinaire can meet Fred Astaire.

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