15 de julho de 2011

38 - 2011/2012 Towards Tel Aviv 3: Jacques-Alain Miller­ ŒReading aSymptom¹

Messager 38 - 2011/2012

Towards Tel Aviv 3: Jacques-Alain Miller – ‘Reading a Symptom’

Jacques-Alain Miller – ‘Reading a Symptom’ - full text

Jacques-Alain Miller, in his speech at the NLS Congress in London, 3 April 2011, proposed and presented the title for our next Congress: ‘Reading a Symptom’. Some weeks ago I selected extracts from this text to devise the essential elements of what we classically call an ‘argument’ (NLS-Messager 24)

Today, NLS-Messager circulates Jacques-Alain Miller’s text in full, in French and in English. In fact, it is the major common reference for our work and orients the preparation of the Congress in Tel Aviv in June 2012. From September, a good number of activities (seminars, cartels, ‘Knottings’…) will take it as their basis, and some have even started already.

A printed version of the full text is now available: it is published in Mental 26, which has just come out. It will be published in English in Hurly Burly in October.

Everyone can start studying it during summer now. Enjoy the work!

Anne Lysy


A mistake in the transcription had escaped our attention until now. It is an important sentence at the end of the second section; here is the correct version: “In the field of language, psychoanalysis doubtless finds its point of departure in the function of speech, but it refers it to writing. There is a gap between speaking and writing. Psychoanalysis operates in this gap. It exploits this difference.”

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