30 de agosto de 2012

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Cartel Declaration 2012-2013

Dear Colleagues,

In order to update the catalogue of the cartels of the NLS, you are kindly requested to declare your cartels as soon as possible. You will find the declaration form on the website of the School: www.amp-nls.org
You are also requested to send a copy of the declaration form to my personal address: d.andropoulou@yahoo.gr
The deadline for the declaration is the 31st of December 2012.

For the two following years, a new modality of the cartels is suggested: the redaction of a report by each cartel as a trace and a point de capiton of the work done throughout the year. This report, that won’t exceed the 700 words (approximately 4000 characters), will give each group the possibility to expose its work to the other groups which, in their turn, will be able to discuss the elaborations or even comment upon them in a productive way. Hence, all the texts will be displayed in a special rubric of the site of the School. The aim is to make the cartels’ work more lively and more profitable for our community.

For the commission of the cartels of the NLS,
Despina Andropoulou  

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