29 de janeiro de 2011

from Lacan dot com: Newsletter

"Some time ago now I opened up to discussion the idea of creating a powerful
teaching hub in Paris, bringing together under the same umbrella, without putting
into question their functional autonomy, the teachings of the School, those of the
Department of Psychoanalysis, the two Clinical Sectiona, the Freudian College for
continuing training, the Envers de Paris, the groups of the Freudian Field, and more.
I went so far as to bring up the idea of a European University, and this idea
was supported by UFORCA, and warmly welcomed in Spain and Italy."
Jacques Alain Miller

Who are we?

The department of psychoanalysis exists since 1968.
Jacques Lacan would remain its scientific director till his death in September 1981.
Today it is part of Université de Paris VIII.

The Freudian Field followed through in 1987,
under the direction of Jacques-Alain Miller.

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