12 de janeiro de 2011

Jacques-Alain Miller - Slavoj Zizek / The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis and Lenin's Choice

Jacques-Alain Miller

"I intend to begin with the series of four fundamental concepts that Lacan stated in his Seminar XI, a seminar in which he took on the task of summing up what he had established over the first ten years of his teaching and developing the next stage. These four fundamental concepts are a selection that Lacan takes from Freud’s work and all four concepts were spelt out by Freud himself. Did Lacan choose these with the intention of keeping them alive? My answer is no. He stated them in order to demonstrate that a single structure is at work in Freud, and this leads him to classify them by virtue of referring them to a structure that is common to them all. This series is as follows: the unconscious, repetition, transference and the drive. This selection Lacan made from Freud’s work, has as its aim to reduce the Freudian conceptualisation to his own."

Slavoj Zizek
Lenin's Choice: Interpretation vs. Formalization

"The true corruption of the American academia is not primarily financial, it is not only that they are able to buy many European critical intellectuals (myself included), but conceptual: notions of the “European” critical theory are imperceptibly translated into the benign universe of the Cultural Studies chic. My personal experience is that practically all of the “radical” academics silently count on the long-term stability of the American capitalist model, with the secure tenured position as their ultimate professional goal (a surprising number of them even play on the stock market). If there is a thing they are genuinely horrified of, it is a radical shattering of the (relatively) safe life environment of the “symbolic classes” in the developed Western societies."

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